Auto insurance laws protect you and other drivers on the road from facing significant financial loss in the event of an auto accident. We are proud to offer industry-leading features like Accident Forgiveness and New Car Replacement.

Since everyone must have insurance, there naturally are numerous options for getting the coverage you need. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Components of Auto Insurance

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When buying Auto Insurance, you do have choices to make about policy options and levels of coverage.  Our experienced insurance professionals will guide you through these decisions to help you get the coverage you need. The following are components that will make up your auto insurance:

Liability Coverage (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
Liability coverage offers peace-of-mind. If you are at fault in an accident that’s covered by your auto policy and other people or property are injured or damaged, liability coverage helps protect you and pay the cost of these damages.

We strongly recommend a minimum of 100/300 coverage for Bodily Injury (BI) Liability. With this coverage your policy would pay up to $100k per person or $300k for all parties involved for the following expenses:

  • Medical expenses for bodily injury
  • Emergency aid at the accident scene
  • Compensation for lost income
  • Legal defense fees
  • Funeral expenses


As an agency with experience, we recommend a minimum of 100k coverage for Property Damage Liability. This coverage helps pay for damage to another driver’s property that occurs due to an accident where you are found at fault. This can include:

  • Damage to homes, stores or other structures damaged during the accident
  • Vehicle repair or replacement

Medical Payment Coverage
Medical payment coverage helps pay for medical expenses for accident-related injuries, no matter who is at-fault. These expenses can include hospital stays, doctor visits, x-rays, surgery, ambulance, and funeral expenses. Medical payment coverage is provided for you, your passengers, and your family members.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
This coverage helps pay for medical expenses when the other driver has little-to-no insurance. A recent survey found that 1 in 6 Southwest Florida drivers either have no insurance or carry the state minimum. We recommend a minimum of 100/300 protection for UM.

Personal Injury Protection
Personal Injury Protection coverage not only covers reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses, but it can also help you with income continuation, loss of services, and funeral expenses. $10,000 PIP is required under Florida law for any auto policy.

Collision Coverage
Collision Coverage protects your car if you’re in an accident that involves a “collision” with other cars or objects (trees, structures, fences). Collision coverage helps pay for repairs to your vehicle up to the actual cash value of your car.

Note: Collision coverage typically carries a deductible, and in most cases, the higher the deductible the lower your premium. However, a higher deductible will require you to pay more in the event of a loss.

As an agency with over 25 years of experience we are able to review various quotes and help determine the best deductible for your personal situation and goals.

Comprehensive Coverage
This coverage helps pay for losses that result from accidents that are “not a collision”. This can include hurricanes, vandalism, or even a tree falling on your vehicle. This coverage would also provide payments for broken glass or windshields.

Like Collision, Comprehensive coverage also typically carries a deductible, which can affect your premium based on how high or low of a deductible you chose.

Note: For accidentally cracked/chipped windshields or broken glass NO DEDUCTIBLE will apply.

Other Coverages

  • Towing and Labor – This option will help reimburse you for the expense of towing your vehicle, as well as other basic roadside services.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement – This option will reimburse you for the cost of a rental vehicle after an accident, while your car is being repaired.

Exclusive Insurance Features

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Depending on the coverage you select, many of the policies sold by Ted Todd Insurance offer these great features.  Ask your Ted Todd Insurance agent for more information:

Accident Forgiveness
Most auto insurance policies would see a rate increase upon the next renewal following an accident. With accident forgiveness your rates will be the same after an accident as they were before.

Good Driving Bonus
For every six months of accident-free driving, you have the opportunity to receive up to 5% of your premium back. This is in addition to any other discounts you qualify for.

Deductible Deduction
You’ll get $100 off your Collision deductible the day you sign up. And then $100 off every year you go without an accident, all the way up to a maximum $500 deduction.

New Car Replacement
If your new car gets totaled within the first three years, you get a new car — not just the depreciated value.

Auto Insurance Discounts

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At Ted Todd Insurance, we like discounts as much as anyone. For that reason, we offer all of the following discounts to qualified customers on most auto insurance policies.

Safe-Driver Discounts

  • Premier Discount – If you are accident-free for three years and are also clear of any moving violations, you might qualify for this discount.
  • Premier Plus Discount – This might be the best discount around! Drivers with no moving violations and no accidents for five years could qualify for this discount.
  • Defensive Driver Discount – If you are over the age of 55, you may qualify for our defensive driver discount by taking an approved course. Ask you agent for more details.

Safe-Car Discounts

  • Passive-restraint discounts – Factory-installed airbags and motorized seatbelts can help you qualify for this discount.
  • Anti-lock brakes – Your premium could be reduced if your car features a factory-installed anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • Anti-theft devices – Approved anti-theft devices can result in a reduced rate. Ask your agent for more details.

Other Available Discounts

Ask your agent if you think you might qualify for any of the following discounts:

  • Multi-Policy Discounts (i.e. homeowners and auto)
  • Good Student Discount
  • Senior Adult Discount
  • 55 and Retired
  • New Car
  • Economy Car
  • Utility Vehicle
  • Resident Student
  • Farm/Ran Vehicles